Monday, November 10, 2008

Holiday Roooooooads...

We made it to Florida.

There are really weird birds here. (Egrets?)


Weird, but surprisingly tame.


And kinda cute, maybe.



After a gray day by the pool with some unseasonably cold weather (for Florida), we decided to drive out to the beach.

And on the way, Florida wrote us a love letter.


I think it actually says "Jesus loves U" but Jesus was starting to fade away by the time we drove up. (Does that sound sacrilegious to anyone or is it just me?)

I got to try out my new beach-savvy purchases, not so much for fashion but more to keep the blazing sun off my porcelain skin.

Hello. I am clearly a tourist.

Steven looked a bit less obvious than I did at that whole out-of-towner thing.


And it was so lovely on our drive to the beach. We got there and immediately dug our toes into the sand.


Ah, this is the life.


But then we looked around a bit. And we noticed something.


Oh right. It was cloudy. And cold.


Even the seagulls looked a bit chilly.


Argh. The weatherman said it would be 75 and sunny. I am officially mad at him, whoever he is.

We took a couple more pictures of the seagulls, and we laid there, shivering on our beach towels, for another few minutes.


And then we looked at each other and simultaneously said, "Yep, we're all done here."

And we packed it up and drove back to the rental house. Where it was, indeed, seventy-five and sunny.


We spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool, and I will admit that Florida has redeemed herself by returning to sunshine and warm weather. For now.


Eric said...

Sandhill crane?

Erica said...

they are definitely sandhill cranes. They're a big deal around there, people get very excited about the migration. I think they migrate from Minnesota? Wisconsin? somewhere like that. they have a Florida brand, but it is apparently very rare (according to Wikipedia)

Jaimy and Bret said...

where in fl have you been? looks like home to me....your pics made me homesick for the beach!