Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hemlock Ring Blanket

As a first note of utmost importance, IT SNOWED TODAY! It was a high of 38 degrees all day today, and right around noon, I looked out the window and there were flurries! Nothing stuck, of course. In fact, a flake would hit the window and instantly melt right there before your eyes.

But who cares! Its SNOW!

And we all know, when it starts snowing, you get to break out the big knits.


This winter, Erica and I have officially decided to take the Hemlock Ring Blanket challenge. What is the challenge, you ask? Oh. Well, actually its just to finish the thing. We're making it from EcoWool, which has 478 yards per skein. We bought two of them. (Each.)


I wasn't sure if I was going to like working with this yarn, since it has a sort of rustic quality to it, and sometimes rustic = scratchy.


But this stuff is not scratchy. Its thick and cushy and delicious. And the same day that we bought the yarn, I wound the first skein into a ball. A ball that was approximately the size of my entire head.


Dog included below for scale.


Against my better judgment, I took it with me on vacation as my plane project. I was totally convinced that it would take me months to make this blanket, and I wasn't sure it would be a good idea to lug that huge ball of yarn on the plane (there AND back).

Here's the blanket in its early stages.


And here it is on the plane. As you can see, it had already grown lots bigger, and that was nearly three weeks ago. My obsessive knitting resulted in finishing the entire first skein in Florida, which further resulting in my having to wait to get back home to start the second one. (No worries. I totally packed like 6 different knitting projects. Come on, what did you expect? Back up projects are a must.)


Since it was snowing outside today (!), I haven't gotten any good outdoor pictures of the blanket at its current sprawling size. Folded over on the needles, its about the size of a pillowcase, which means it will be double that size off the needles. And I'm only a tiny bit into the second skein.


Its gonna be huuuuuge. And awesomely warm. Let it snow. I will bury myself in 800 some odd yards of wool.

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