Monday, July 7, 2008

Seven... Seven... Steven!

Today is Steven's birthday!


I always like Steven's birthday because it sits at the height of summer. Unfortunately, since 2004 or so, I've been in school and therefore somewhat distracted from the issue of present-buying. (And also somewhat penniless, which also contributed to the trouble with purchasing gifts, but also just stuff in general. But I digress...)

My lack of good gift-giving abilities has been a problem in the past, as his birthday (along with most other holidays) has tended to sneak up on me and all of a sudden, its July 7 and oh dear Lord let's hit up Target on the way home because I have to get him something! Hurry!


This year? No school! Some money! Ergo, I planned ahead. (Sort of. I still went shopping on July 6, but I maintain that I knew what I was shopping for this time, which is a huge advance in my world.)

They even got wrapped. Coordinatingly.


Half of the fun is in having them sit on the counter, untouched, for at least 24 hours. It builds the excitement of "What's in the Bag?"


So what was in the Bag, you ask? I'm not telling, but I think I did pretty good this year. :)

Okay, okay, now that you're twisting my arm, but just a sneak peek...

Shock and awe, baby, shock and awe.

Happy Birthday, dear! I'm glad you're my same age again. It was getting lonely here in late-twenties-ville. Love you!

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The Mulvihills said...

Happy Birthday, Steven! We're sending you a card in the mail tomorrow! We love you!