Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reasons Why I Love Summer

Brown paper packages tied up with string... (Okay, actually white paper packages tied up with packing tape, but just as exciting!)


Mom bought some mail-order calla lilies awhile back, and she sent three of them to me, for my little porch-garden.


Mom, I followed your instructions religiously. See? (They actually sat in the water for closer to 48 hours.... it took me a while to get out to Lowes to buy another garden pot. Oops. :) They seem fine, if a little waterlogged...)


I'd show you what they look like on the porch, except they are still under the dirt, so you would basically just see some potting soil. And you know what that looks like.

Meanwhile, Steven's bean plant continues to soundly whomp my tomato plants in terms of productivity.


Also, the extra berries from my cupcake-extravaganza on July 4 were begging to be finished off.


With spoon and vanilla yogurt in hand, I was happy to comply.


Summertime rocks, people.


1 comment:

Steven Steele said...

Forget all those years of formal education, passing multiple Bar Exams, joining an elite group of young lawyers in greater Washington DC, I think you have a new career on your hands...

Farmer Heather.

Love ya!