Friday, July 11, 2008

The Blahs

I have the blahs today. Not sure why. I think its mostly from winding down a big week at work. One of our attorneys was out because his wife was having a baby, so I got most of his workload. Which was GREAT because he was handling some interesting cases and it kept me nice and busy. But it was also Not So Great because I ended up staying late almost every night this whole week. I had court this morning in Fairfax and it lasted from 8 am to noonish, and when I finally got back to the office, I still had another day's worth of work to do. Needless to say, I am totally exhausted and thanking God that its Friday. (A terrible cliche. I know. My inner wordsmith just cringed.)

Nevertheless, I did manage to make dinner at one point this week. (Actually, come to think of it, this was Sunday night's dinner, so I really didn't manage to make dinner this week. Oh well. I made myself some lunches, and I fixed a mean pot of coffee or two. It was all the effort I could muster.)

We tried something different by putting the cheese inside the burger this time. I also mixed some A1 sauce into the meat pre-cooking and then a little more A1 on top of each burger when served. They were okay -- a little gooey on the inside. I think I prefer cheese in its normal place atop the burger.


Also, Steven's bean-plant beans made an appearance as a side dish. Pringles thinks I over-salted them a wee bit. (I did.)


I actually don't have the blahs all that bad, because pictured below is our new household item that was, at first, the bane of my existence, but has now become my friend and daily ritual.


Steven and I finally caved and bought a scale around the weekend of my birthday, and since then, we've been trying to exercise and eat better. I say eat better because I doubt we'll ever really eat healthy. We love ice cream too much.

The scale is my friend these days because its telling me that I'm down about 7 lbs. since we first bought it. (Nevermind that my initial weigh-in was conducted in our local Target, wherein I pulled the scale out of its box, still wrapped in plastic, and proceeded to stand on it right there in the store. With my shoes on. And my purse on my shoulder. And my purse alone probably weighs 7 pounds.)

Notwithstanding the foregoing, I am happy with the number as of today. Just let me live here in the delusion -- we'll all be a lot happier. (I have probably another 10-15 to go, but its not going to happen because I am stubbornly unwilling to give up Dairy Queen. No way, no how, people.)

In knitting news, I have finished my Monkey Socks.


I started these back when we went to ATL in April to see my niece Riley. Looks like a pair of socks is taking me a solid three months now. Not half bad. I could crank out another pair before the weather even considers getting colder.


Upon repeated request, Steven proudly posed with my first completed sock. (Imagine a second one, just like this one. What, you thought you were getting a post about both completed socks? You have much to learn. Also, I am too lazy to go take new pictures of both socks right now. Like I said, imagine a second one.)


At least Pringles is somewhat impressed. (Either that or he has indigestion. He pretty much looks like this all the time, just louder.)


Tomorrow I will possibly do some creative things, including but not limited to, laundry; dishes; much sleeping; more laundry; running on the elliptical machine.

An artist's life I lead. Truly.

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The Mulvihills said...

I have that same scale. It doesn't seem to like me. Especially lately! Boooo!