Monday, December 17, 2007

Pizza and a Car Wash


There are some things that just make life a little happier. Dishwashers, washing machines, cell phones, other random technological devices, sure -- they help make life easier. But there are some things that just make you smile for no real reason. Simple things, usually.


You don't really even realize how much those little things contribute to your happiness until you bite into a warm, crusty piece of homemade pizza. The kind with the extra-stretchy cheese. And rich tomato sauce. Piping hot.


Or maybe when you take your car for a car wash when its 29 degrees outside, and you slip on the ice from the car-wash-water whilst trying to pay for your car wash:

Fiddling with the car wash payment system

And then the little signs shout their neon-bright commands at you. [Wait!]


[Go! Now!]

And then you sit there, heat blazing in the car while you're wrapped up in every scarf you own, watching the water and suds slide down the window.

The Cockpit

And maybe you smile for a picture.

Yay, no more dirty car!

Or stare questioningly into the camera.

Or just be the fabulously cheesy couple that you are. Suds, pizza, and all.
Car Wash!

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