Saturday, December 22, 2007

Office Visit!

It's finally Saturday, after what seemed like the longest and hardest work week ever. I had two court appearances on two different days in two different courts, and Steven worked 14 hour days the whole week. We were totally exhausted this morning and slept in nice and late. And then I got up and fretted about how dirty the house is (like I always do). I'm so so so not ready for Christmas -- everything is a mess and my presents aren't wrapped and my clothes aren't packed and I just need a second to breathe and recover from this past week.

In order to circumvent the bout of all-out-crazy that I was about to have, Steven decided we'd take a little adventurous jaunt down to see his new office. I said I'd go on two conditions: (1) he had to drive, and (2) I wanted to take lots of pictures. (Starbucks was a third condition, but by the time we left, I'd already had more coffee than any human should reasonably ingest.)


Wishes granted, yo. :)

So I got to experience Steven's commute - and its actually a really nice little drive. Its back in the woods a little, and then the building just appears out of nowhere. We parked and took the elevator to the second floor, and this is what we saw...


The office is incredible. You open the door and its like walking into one of the actual restaurants, except its the reception area! The tiling is really well done and the whole place looks really professional.

"Ooh look, Mom, here's my office!" (Its actually very cool -- just wait and see!)


My dear executive hubby, sitting at his desk at work on the Saturday before Christmas. Whew. What a hard worker!


"Excuse me, Mr. Steele, do you have a minute?"

"Why no, I'm terribly sorry, young lady, but I've got to take this call..."


"Why hellooo Johnson! How is my stock portfolio looking?"


"Good, good. Sell when the market's high, that's what I always say..."

After all of this hard work, Mr. Steele is awfully thirsty, so he stops by the kitchen, and what's that we see?


Fountain drinks for everyone? All the time? Whoa buddy!


After his pit stop in the kitchen, Mr. Steele has a very important conference to attend.


As usual, he is quite punctual. He has arrived in the conference room days before everyone else is scheduled to be there. Mr. Steele likes to be a little early to these events.

All in all, the office was fantastic. Its huge, its really nice and new, and its super professional. I'm so proud of my executive!


But alas, it was time to go -- we were getting very hungry after looking at all that Five Guys paraphernalia...


But first, a little gas to fill up the car. As we were getting gas, lunch, etc., we pondered just how extremely unprepared we are for the Minnesota cold next week. (Notice that Steven is not wearing a hat or gloves -- its about 50 degrees here -- chilly but comfortable).

Gas Man

I wasn't even wearing socks. (and wow, these pink shoes are showing their age...)

pink shoes well worn

We ate at Quiznos and got a cookie to go. I may or may not have sneaked a bite before wrapping the cookie back up to take this picture... :)

plastic wrapped cookie

And next door to the Quiznos was the cutest little doggie bakery called "Fetch!" They had adorable hand-knit sweaters for dogs and homemade treats. We didn't want to risk upsetting the delicate constitutions of our dear pups (as that would not have been pleasant for our puppysitters...) so we just bought a couple "Thanks for puppysitting" cards instead.

Fetch! The Bakery!

In order to remedy the no-socks situation, I started the second blue Fleece Artist sock, using the yarn Steven bought for me in Richmond at the swearing-in ceremony in October.

yarn cake

I am making slow progress. An inch of ribbed cuff will not keep me warm in the 12 degrees of a Rochester, MN Christmas. Better get moving on these.

second sock

They are taking longer than normal. I think this may be because I've been so busy with work and shopping for Christmas and traveling that I haven't really had time to work on them. Or perhaps its because the yarn is fingering weight and I'm making them on size ones.

Skinny yarn

Yeah, that could be it.

I diligently knitted away on them as Esteban drove us home with the help of his faithful nav system (which is exceedinly difficult to photograph in a moving car. Be impressed, people!), and we listened to some random radio station playing old blues music.

nav system

The whole outing was quite relaxing, actually. Maybe I am ready for Christmas, after all...



The Mulvihills said...

I love the new blog! Your camera takes really great pictures! What kind is it? I'm going to subscribe to your blog's feed... :)

Erica said...

I LOVE the blog!!! And free fountain cokes all the time?? Can they hire me please?? Mr. Steele???