Sunday, December 16, 2007

Engagement Accomplices

See, honey?  This is a cookie!

So my little brother who is not so little anymore came to visit us and brought his beautiful girlfriend with him. He had told us ahead of time that he planned to PROPOSE this weekend, so we were very excited and enjoyed being in on the secret. We dropped them off at the Vienna Metro on Saturday morning, and when we picked them up that night, somebody had a RING on!

Cookies and engagements

They were very happy and very cold, since it had been freezing rain that day in DC. He proposed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and they said everyone around them stopped and applauded when she said yes!

Look at those happy people!

And then they promptly came back to the apartment and had peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and much smiling and laughing. Because that's precisely what you should do after you get engaged -- have cookies and laugh and be in love. :) Oh, and one more thing:

Its official!

Have a gorgeous ROCK on your finger for all to see. :)

The next morning, Matt played a little guitar while we got ready for breakfast.

Rockin out

We went to our favorite little hole-in-the-wall breakfast place, where we poured over the breakfast menu.

What do we want for breakfast?

Steven imparted much fatherly wisdom about life and marriage.


And of course, we took a little detour to you-know-where:


And then we drove back to the apartment in the cold cold rain. Sunshiny, but cold.


We lounged around with Carlie, who is the queen of lounging around.

Hello.  I am Carlie.

Pringles found his Christmas stocking from Mom and Dad Huff, and proceeded to shred it to bits and rub his little body all over it, for reasons unknown to me.

Got it!

Then he found a second one.

One serious itch

(P.S., those are Matt's toes...)

All in all, a fabulous weekend was had by all.

The Ring!

See what I mean? :)

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